Adding Fun With Additives

///Adding Fun With Additives

Adding Fun With Additives

While paint additives are often used to solve safety issues such as slippery surfaces, some provide more exciting results. Discover three fun paint additives to add to your offering to set yourself apart from competitors and bring additional joy to your customers’ painting experience.

Scent Additives

Paint SCENTsations offers a unique paint additive that combats odors from cooking, pets and smoking, and adds a clean, subtle scent. There are eight scents to choose from and they can be used in latex and oil-based paints without affecting the paint’s overall performance.

Glitter Additives

Available in 60 colors, V1RTUS Ltd T/A Hemway’s Glitter Paint Additive adds a durable fade-resistant glitter effect to a range of surfaces. It is heat and solvent resistant, child-safe, nontoxic and waterproof.

Texture Additives

Homax® Sand Roll-On Paint Texture creates a subtle sand finish on interior surfaces and mixes with any color paint. It is safe for use on drywall, paneling, cement block and wallpaper and great for hiding nail holes, rips, dents, dings and other damaged areas.

Merchandising Tip

Place these products on endcaps and in impulse areas to catch your customers’ attention and encourage a purchase.