Benjamin Moore’s Campaign Pivot

//Benjamin Moore’s Campaign Pivot

Benjamin Moore’s Campaign Pivot

This past March, Benjamin Moore launched a new marketing campaign, entitled “See the Love”. For more than a year, we had been carefully developing new advertising that would resonate with our audiences while breaking through category clutter. This new campaign was a shift from previous efforts, as we wanted to represent the unique qualities of Benjamin Moore and showcase our brand with authentic, memorable and emotional storytelling.

Our company was founded on principles established back in 1883: a relentless focus on quality and care. Testing validated that our new ad executions resonated strongly, reflecting what Benjamin Moore has always stood for, and showing how the brand continues to positively influence the lives of those that use our products – whether they be contractors, homeowners, architects, designers, or retailers.

Within days of the launch, spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) became rampant stateside and we had to repivot our campaign. Many of the newly developed executions show painting contractors, retailers and homeowners interacting inside the home or store. We realized that we had to be sensitive to the emerging new normal of social distancing and retail restrictions as stay-at-home orders were issued throughout the country.

Together, with our agency, we quickly began to develop new TV and radio spots that were sensitive to the rapidly changing environment. We also set out to use our voice to reinforce our dedication to the community and small businesses including two of our main audiences: the contractor and the retailer.

For contractors, many have felt the negative impact of this new economy, with interior jobs canceled or put on hold. However, we felt it important to support them by encouraging homeowners, if they can, to hire contractors for exterior work. If possible, while interiors may need to wait (or become a DIY project), exterior decks can be stained, fences painted, and siding refreshed. We wanted to remind homeowners to hire these hardworking individuals if they were able to do so.

Additionally, Benjamin Moore teamed up with the Painting Contractors Association (PCA) to underwrite participation costs for the association’s Operation COVID-19 Response conference. This program assists painting contractors and small businesses navigate through the changes in industry brought on by COVID-19.

Utilizing existing “See the Love” footage coupled with the PCA messaging, we launched a new ad, “Keep Hard Workers Working”. The spot is now running in both video and radio executions, available in multiple languages.

We have also developed a second ad to showcase the support of the independent retail channel. Our retailers are not company-owned or franchised – instead, they consist of locally owned and operated businesses, many of which have been in business for generations. We want consumers to know that many of these retailers are still able to provide paint safely with curbside pickup or delivery offerings. These retailers have supported their communities for years, and even in the toughest times, continue to support the neighborhoods in which they reside. This ad, titled “We’re Open,” launched in May – again in both video and radio executions.

As a company, Benjamin Moore has always supported our local communities. True to our heritage, we will continue to support those around us, including the Benjamin Moore family: our retailers, our contractors, our homeowners, our architects, our designers, and our employees.

Yvonne Humphreys

Senior Manager, Brand Strategy

Benjamin Moore & Co.