Creative Additions to Your Company’s Wellness Program

//Creative Additions to Your Company’s Wellness Program
Company Wellness

Creative Additions to Your Company’s Wellness Program

While perks like health and life insurance, flexible spending accounts and 401(k) accounts are important to offer employees, companies can go above and beyond for their staff by providing a comprehensive wellness program that includes resources to improve mental and physical health. Fortunately, implementing these types of programs don’t have to cost a lot of money or take too much extra time. Here are several wellness program amenities that are free or inexpensive and easy to add to any size operation.

Employee Extras: Resources and Benefits You Can Offer to Boost Wellness

  • Bike Rack
    Install bike racks so employees can bike to work
  • Healthy Snacks
    Offer healthy snacks in your break room
  • Stairwell Use
    Encourage stairwell use by displaying posters in strategic locations
  • Cessation Resources
    Provide smoking cessation resources and incentives
  • Health Club Discounts
    Negotiate corporate discounts for health club memberships
  • Emergency Training
    Host CPR and first aid training classes
  • Provide a Library
    Start a library where employees can share books
  • Breast Pumping Space
    Create a comfortable, private space for nursing mothers to pump breast milk
  • Assign Special Days
    Give employees bring your dog to work” or casual dress days

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