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Hot Products – November 22, 2023

Liquid Applied Flashing (Sponsored)

TOWER Sealants has a new addition to its AU-1 Commercial Construction Products line: AU-1 Liquid-Applied Flashing. This high-performance elastomeric liquid flashing membrane can be brushed, rolled, or troweled without a primer to form a lasting, waterproof seal. AU-1 Liquid-Applied Flashing meets the performance requirements of AAMA 714-19, providing permanent protection against moisture intrusion. It’s compatible with green concrete, stucco, building envelope systems, and more.

Tower Sealants  |

Interior Paint (Sponsored)

Proprietary stain-release technology means stains are washed clean. Unbeatable flow and leveling for professional results every time. Durable finish resists scuffing to preserve premium results. Contact your Benjamin Moore rep or visit to learn more.

Benjamin Moore |



Stickers from Stickers Northwest Inc. can be used to customize water bottles, laptop and tablet covers, journals, car windows or any hard surface. The stickers are a great impulse item and very collectible. All are dishwasher safe and fadeproof, made from premium quality matte vinyl.

Stickers Northwest Inc. | or 253-344-1236

Hot Glue Skillet

Choose Surebonder’s Adjustable Temp Electric Glue Skillet to complete any craft or household project that would be made easier by directly dipping elements into melted glue. This convenient tool speeds up projects that might otherwise be time-consuming—simply dip components into the inch-deep pool of glue before putting them in place.

Surebonder | or 847-487-4583


The design of the FreeForm Grip-Free Paintbrush allows the fingers and arm to relax, resulting in improved control and reduced fatigue. Using a FreeForm Paintbrush makes painting enjoyable and pain a thing of the past. The only thing you’ll feel is the satisfaction of a job well done. Available in 1.5-inch, 2-inch and 2.5-inch with all-purpose filament for all paint types and projects.

FreeForm |

Cord Holder

CordBrick™ has a steel weight inside and grippy silicone outside, allowing it to hold several cords in place, like on a nightstand or desktop. It also makes it easier to travel with cords, keeping them wrapped securely. CordBrick™ can help stand your phone (with most cases) for a video viewing or a photo.

CordBrick | or 1-856-502-7425

Wooden Wall Coverings

The Inceptiv Collection of architectural wood wallcoverings features intricate designs crafted and assembled into panels of fluid texture. The complex patterns of signature DUCHATEAU wood visuals bring unique depth to any space. Each style is offered in 12 or 13 colors and is created in a state-of-the-art workshop in Mexico where dedicated artisans free the beauty of wood from the floor, expanding it in all directions and dimensions. Wall coverings come pre-mounted to backing panels for ease of installation.

Duchateau |

Marble Dream Resurfacing Kit

Marble Dream®, is a real marble coating system engineered to be applied easily using just a few simple coating steps with no special artistic skill required. The versatile Marble Dream® system gives you a choice of several different looks. From softly elegant marble veins and accents to something more distinct and defined—or a look that’s more flowing and creative—create a new surface with just the look that suits your taste.

Daich Coatings |

Utility Knife

With a compact 2.5-inch blade option, the RazorWork is made from Japanese 420J2 stainless steel that has been heat-treated and hand-finished to achieve a long-lasting razor-sharp edge. The straight edge design of the utility blade transfers power directly to the cutting edge. When the blade dulls, it can be quickly and safely exchanged with a push of a button for a new blade thanks to the proprietary Outdoor Edge RazorSafe system. The handle is constructed from a lightweight, one-piece and nonslip glass/nylon polymer.

Outdoor Edge | or 1-888-249-6942