Interior Wood Care Best Practices

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Interior Wood Care Best Practices

While it makes up a small portion of most paint operations, the interior wood care category offers opportunities to increase sales and provide customers a more comprehensive selection of products for their project needs.

In 1896, Andren’s Paint Co. opened in Duluth, Minnesota. Chris Ellian started at the business in 2016, and in 2020, he and his wife purchased the business from the previous owner. Paint & Decorating Retailer spoke with Ellian about best practices and for selling tips in the interior wood care category.

Better Products, Better Processes, Better Results

Ellian only stocks high-quality products that provide results he can stand behind. Employees also recommend the best process possible, not the cheapest or the easiest, Ellian says.

“I let customers know that I tell them what they need to hear, not necessarily what they want to hear,” he says. “When we give them the best advice, we rarely have any issues down the line with project results, and everyone is happier in the long run.”

Showing Off What You Offer

All the wood surfaces inside of Andren’s Paint Co. are coated in a product sold in the store, Ellian says, allowing the business to creatively demonstrate the products it sells.

“We wanted to make sure that if somebody is noticing a wood surface in the store, we can tell them what it is,” Ellian says. “It’s nice to utilize our products in a way that highlights the beauty of our store and our passion for our products.”