PDR Product News — November 25, 2021

//PDR Product News — November 25, 2021

PDR Product News — November 25, 2021

patterned paint rollerPatterned Paint Roller
Rollerwall | rollerwall.com or 301-838-0450

The Rollerwall Pattern Applicator includes a frame, handle and foam feeder roller. The lightweight handle has a threaded hole for extension pole attachment. The foam feeder roller holds enough paint for three full passes down a wall.

ladder stabilizerLadder Stabilizer
Sargent Consumer Products | ladderslittlehelper.com or sales@ladderslittlehelper.com
Ladder’s Little Helper wraps around the lip of the gutter and provides a stable base to lean a ladder against. Rippled rubber on the underside and face of the device provides grip on both the gutter and ladder, while the raised sides help prevent sideways movement. Ladder’s Little Helper’s patented design fits 99 percent of gutters and ladders. Made of lightweight polypropylene, the device is simple to use: Insert a pole into the bottom, place Ladder’s Little Helper on your gutter and lean your ladder against the device for a safer work environment.

angled brushAngle Cutting Brush
Proform Technologies | proformtech.com or 307-857-6643
The Picasso Minotaur™ Advantage PBT Filament Blend paint brush features a European-style handle for increased control and a larger reservoir for holding paint. Its oval ferrule and chiseled angle cut allow for precise cutting and detail work. The brush uses patented Hardline™ “No Drip” interior construction for added durability.

cabinet hardwareDecorative Cabinet Hardware
Top Knobs | topknobs.com or 800-499-9095
The Kingmill series is the latest addition to the Regent’s Park Collection from Top Knobs. Made from zinc alloy, these European design-inspired knobs, pulls and appliance pulls include mounting hardware and are available in ash gray, brushed satin nickel, flat black, honey bronze, polished chrome and polished nickel finishes.

area lightDirectional Area Light
NEBO | nebotools.com or 800-255-6061
The NEBO EYE Light is a versatile 220 lumen work light that is water- and impact-resistant. The EYE magnetically rests inside the base which allows for 360 degrees of rotation, directing light where it is needed most. It features a drywall screw hole for permanent mounting and hook and loop double-sided tape for additional mounting options.

skin creamBarrier Skin Cream
Workman’s Friend | workmansfriendbrand.com or chris_matherne@solvchem.com
Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream moisturizes and heals skin while protecting against paint, grease, stains, glue, dirt and other skin irritants. It guards against irritants for up to 4 hours and is nongreasy, fragrant-free and safe for all skin types.