The Colors of Summer from SamaN

//The Colors of Summer from SamaN

The Colors of Summer from SamaN

Warm weather is here! It’s time to put into action all those plans you’ve been dreaming of all winter. Like hiking deep into the woods where lush-green foliage, clear-blue skies, and earthy warm browns fill your eyes. Planting a backyard garden that blossoms to reveal blush-red Tulips, sunny yellow Daffodils, and deep-purple Lilacs. Or watching the amber-sun set over the turquoise ocean after a relaxing day of laying on a sandy golden beach.

It is no secret warm weather invokes our emotions and actions, so do colors. Artists and interior designers have long paired hues, tints, and tones to affect their viewers’ moods, feelings, and behaviors. So can you with SamaN Waterbased Stains! Check out our favorite Summer colors so you too can achieve the same joyous, exciting sentiments with your next DIY project.

Summer Stain Colors

As the cool Spring comes to an end, a sweltering Summer follows. A season iconic for its bright days, lush greeny, and tranquil sunsets. Summertime is filled with yellows, greens, purples, browns, and blues. It’s also the busiest time of the year for travel. In the United States alone over 650 million long-distance summer trips are made every year! Journeys to national forests, the coastline, and even to visit family across the country.

The warm, bright colors of Summer are inspiring and relaxing. You can achieve the same emotions in your next DIY project with our favorite summertime stains. Check them out below!










As the warm weather rolls in and you start to get outside more often, take a moment to look around and enjoy the natural beauty and wonder of spring and summer. You can find these stains and more on our website, or a store near you!

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