Triboro Paint Center’s Store Dogs Bring Joy to Customers

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Store Dogs

Triboro Paint Center’s Store Dogs Bring Joy to Customers

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Wagging tails and puppy smiles greet customers at Triboro Paint Center’s North Attleboro, Massachusetts, location. Brooke Robison—whose dad, John Robison, has owned the operation with Matt Levine since 2000—says their dogs Mookie and Samson are an important part of the store and bring a smile to many customers’ faces.

“It really means so much to us to be able to have the dogs here. They instantly brighten the mood in the store,” Brooke says. “The dogs have been great for the morale of our staff and customers. The store feels weird when they aren’t here.”

Mookie, a rescued 5-year-old Chihuahua, American Staffordshire, dachshund and boxer mix, belongs to Brooke and loves attention, treats and pets from customers. He is known for licking the paint shakers while they’re operating, Brooke says.

store dogs mookie

Store dogs Mookie (left) and Samson are a highlight for customers visiting Triboro Paint Center’s location in North Attleboro, Massachusetts.

“He sits by the door for customers and actually walks up to the counter with them. Everyone calls him the store greeter,” she says. “You can see him waiting at the door from the sidewalk. We’ll even get people who are walking by come in just to see him.”

John’s dog Samson is a rescued 3-year-old German shepherd and Great Pyrenees mix. The veterinarian recommended bringing Samson into the store to socialize him and make him more comfortable around people.

“He’s still a little nervous around strangers, but he’s gotten so much better over the years,” Brooke says. “He follows my dad everywhere when he’s in the store; he’s like his little shadow.”